Our values drive our behaviour.

At IDP Education, we are committed to a set of organizational values that underpin our dedication to our Student Placement and IELTS work around the world. These values are expressed through behaviour we model with our customers and stakeholders.


IDP team members have, and continually seek to develop, the right skills to deliver the best solutions to business problems. This means that IDP employees always have the needed capabilities to effectively meet the needs of candidates, students, stakeholders, and clients.


IDP employees contribute to strong morale and spirit among their team and work in the context of the broader good of the community. This means that staff are focused on meeting each individual student needs while being aware of the impact of their behaviour and actions on the community.


IDP is committed to continuous improvement and we both identify and act on opportunities to do things better. This means we continually enhance systems and knowledge tools to ensure that all information we provide is thorough and up-to-date and that our processes are clear, effective and well-communicated.


We take full responsibility for our actions, being frank and fearless with the truth and making no excuses, which means that we will deliver on our promise and are clear in communicating outcomes, be they positive or negative.


Our team demonstrates genuine empathy in dealing with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders. This value is the most important of all, because it means that we treat everyone respectfully, and as an individual and we are responsive to unique needs and aspirations.